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Logo for Sandstone Sign and Design
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Classroom Assignment - Logo for Brady's Restaurant
Logo Design - Arc Automotive
Log Design - Rosie's Retro - Organ Lessons
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About Me...

Allow me to introduce myself... My Name is Keith McCaslin. I am currently enrolled in University of New Mexico Continuing Education, working towards completing a certification in Graphic Design and Web Development. I am on track to complete the classes required for these certifications by the Spring of 2019. I am also actively pursuing training through FreeCodeCamp.org and hope to complete this soon. As time goes on, I will update the list of completed classes as shown below, and will also continue to update my portfolio in the areas of Graphic Design, Website Design, Sandblasting & Signage, and of course, completed CodeCamp projects. I have a passion to learn and would be interested in working at everything from an internship to entry level employment in either (or both) of these fields. Please consider this website as an example of my coding experience, and check back frequently as I have plans to update this online portfolio with new features learned and recent examples of work done in the areas mentioned.

About My Education...

Graphic Design Classes

  • Graphic Design I... March 2017 ...Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
  • Graphic Design II... April 2017 ...Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
  • Logo Design... May 2017 ...Kevin Glsagow (CE UNM)
  • Typography... September 2017 ...Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
  • History of Graphic Design... April 2018 ... Kevin Glasgow (CE UNM)
  • Designing for the Web... August 2017 ... Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
  • Drawing to Illustration Basics... November 2017 ...Thomas Gagliano (CE UNM)
  • Color Theory in Digital Media ...March 2018 ... Adele Gangai (CE UNM)
  • Computer Graphics: Raster and Vector Art... January 2017 ...Denise Weaver-Ross (CE UNM)
  • Color Calibration for Photographers and Designers... March 2018 ...Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
Adobe Illustrator:

  • Adobe Illustrator: Beginning... April 2016 ...Linda Moore (Sterling Ledet)
  • Adobe Illustrator: Intermediate... April 2016 ...Linda Moore (Sterling Ledet)
  • Adobe Illustrator: Advanced... April 2016 ...Linda Moore (Sterling Ledet)
  • Drawing with Illustrator... December 2016 ...Aaron Barreras (CE UNM)
  • Photoshop and Illustrator: Advanced Graphics... January 2018 ...Thomas Gagliano (CE UNM)
Adobe InDesign:

  • InDesign: Beginning... March 2017 ...Denise Weaver-Ross (CE UNM)
  • InDesign: Intermediate... October 2017 ...Adele Gangai (CE UNM)
  • InDesign: Advanced... November 2017 ...Elisa Valdez (CE UNM)
  • InDesign: Expert... January 2018 ...Adele Gangai (CE UNM)
  • InDesign: Online Portfolios... September 2017 ...Adele Gangai (CE UNM)
Adobe Photoshop:

  • Photoshop: Beginning... June 2017 ...Mary Elkins (CE UNM)
  • Photoshop: Intermediate... July 2017 ...Aaron Barreras (CE UNM)
  • Photoshop: Advanced... July 2017 ...Aaron Barreras (CE UNM)
  • Photoshop and Illustrator: Advanced Graphics... January 2018 ...Thomas Gagliano (CE UNM)
Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Pro: Beginning... April 2019 ...Chris Paul (CE UNM)

Web Development Classes:

  • Designing for the Web... August 2017 ... Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
  • User Experience (UX) Research and Design...November 2017 ...Zac Van Note (CE UNM)
Adobe Dreamweaver:

  • Dreamweaver: Beginning... February 2017 ...Denise Weaver-Ross (CE UNM)

  • WordPress: Infobyte... March 2017 ... Denise Weaver-Ross (CE UNM)
  • Wordpress: Beginning... October 2017 ...Denise Weaver-Ross (CE UNM)
  • Wordpress: Advanced... February 2018 ... Denise Weaver-Ross (Tutored Instruction)

  • Building a Website with SquareSpace... March 2018 ...Chase Allard (CE UNM)

  • Creating and Maintaining a Website... January 2018 ... Alexis Estrada (CE UNM)
  • HTML & CSS: Beginning... June 2017 ...Chase Allard (CE UNM)
  • HTML & CSS: Intermediate... March 2018 ...Chase Allard (CE UNM)
  • Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap... January 2018 ... Chase Allard (CE UNM)
  • HTML, CSS & JQuery... April 2017 ...Jeff Brody (CE UNM)
  • MODERN HTML5 & CSS3... APRIL 2019 ...Jeff Brody (CE UNM)

  • JavaScript: Beginning... January 2018 ... Jeff Brody (CE UNM)
  • JavaScript: Intermediate... November 2018 ... Jeff Brody (CE UNM)
Php & MySQL:

  • Php & MySQL: Beginning... August 2018 ... Jeff Brody (CE UNM)

Microsoft Access:

  • Access: Beginning... February 2017 ... Rick Berg (CE UNM)
  • Access: Intermediate... February 2018 ...Joseph Sandoval (CE UNM)
  • Access: Advanced... April 2018 ...Rick Berg (CE UNM)
  • Access: Expert... May 2018 ...Rick Berg (CE UNM)
  • Access: Relational Databases... April 2018 ...Rick Berg (CE UNM)

Business & Marketing Classes:

  • Starting a Digital Arts Business... November 2016 ... Pat Berrett
  • Legal Issues in Visual Arts... August 2017 ...Kate Fitz Gibbon
  • Search Engine Optimization... November 2017 ...Zac Van Note

Supplementary Reading:
Adobe "Classroom in a Book"

  • Adobe Illustrator 2015 - Brian Wood
  • Adobe Photoshop 2015 - Andrew Faulkner & Conrad Chavez
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 2015 - Jim Maivald
  • Adobe InDesign 2015 - Kelly Kordes Anton & John Cruise
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 - Maxim Jago
  • Adobe Animate CC 2017 - Russell Chun
  • Adobe Muse 2015 - Brian Wood
Additional Adobe Software Reading

  • Creating Animations in Adobe InDesign CC - Sandee Cohen
  • Foundations of Digital Art and Design - Xtine Burrough
Design Pinciples:

  • The Non-Designer's Design Book: Fourth Edition - Robin Williams
  • Logo Design Love, Second Edition - David Airey
  • Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works: Third Edition - Erik Spiekermann
  • Visual Design: 95 things you need to know - Jim Krause
  • Color for Designers: 95 things you need to know - Jim Krause
  • Lessons in Typography: Must-know typographic principles - Jim Krause
  • The Complete Manual of Typography, Second Edition - James Felici
  • Don't Make Me Think-Revisited - Streve Krug
  • Web Style Guide, Fourth Edition - Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton
  • Adaptive Web Design, Second Edition - Aaron Gustafson

  • WordPress: Visual Quickstart Guide - Jessica Neuman Beck, Matt Beck
Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Semantic Search - David Amerland

  • HTML & CSS - Design and Build websites - Jon Duckett
Javascript & JQuery

  • Javascript & JQuery - interactive front-end web development - Jon Duckett

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